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Welcome to Camtronics, inc. with Dan Mauch




What's new?

                                                    July 31, 2013.1


Been a long time since I updated this page. Right now I have finished my 5 axis control box using a G540 4 axis plus an additional 5th axis. It iuses the same driver as in the G540. The 5th axis has a female db9 on the back panel just like the G540. The power supply can run 5 3.5A stepper motors simultaneously. More info on m product page.

Since the lasty update of this page I have built a low cost cnc plasma cutter mechanism, a cnc foam cutter and have added a 4 and 5th axis to my mill drill. 

The mill drill was updated using a direct drive for the XY axis. I have recorded rapid moves at over 150 IPM. The Z axis was completely rebuilt using a ball screw to move the quill up and down.


January 18,2013


Been a long time since I updated my web site. Will have to do it more often. I have had to increase the prices on some items do to supplier cost increases. Been really busy. Since my last update I modified my Mill Drill to have a ball screw Z axis drive. Pretty slick! I also built an inexpensive CNC mechanism for my plasma cutter. Now I am building a cnc foam cutter.



                                                               May 28, 2009

Lots of new things to mention 1. MCG was bought out by Ametek and will move their plant to PA. I will probably switch suppliers of my servo motor. 2. the G540 low cost systems have been selling really nicely. 3. We have updated Ver1 of our 3D scanner program and hardware to V2. We also hope to introduce a new 3D topographical scanner during the summer. 4. We have a new Machine mounted Tachometer both assembled and itn the kit form. 5. We finally got our web site issues fixed.

                                                                 August 20,2008

    I have changed stepper motor manufacturer but retained mcg for servo motors. Prices have gone up due to cost of copper and other materials. Shipping cost have also increased.


I have added the 3d software as a   saleable item for $149. I have received 40  430 oz in peak PMDC servo motors with 250 CPR encoders. These are the ones used by Jeff Davis for mill/drill retrofits and for popular 3/1 machine that are CNC ready. See the servo products

January 9, 2006

A limited quantity of the 3D scanner kits are now available. The kit includes the scan panel and the software. It can scan most objects about 8X6". But can scan other items as small as a coin or much larger than the 8X6 above with modifications. kit. It can scan an object in 45 seconds. I will post a picture of one of the resulting scanned objects in the image section. The scan panel and software intrioductary price is $265 plus S/H

I have added some nice PMDC servo motor in the product page of my web site.  Real nice for plasma cutters and mini-mills.

I am nearly done with the Tree Mill Journeyman 300 retrofit. It's been a interesting and fun project. I just have a few details to finish. I then need to decide if I will repaint it. I am more for the functional use than the appearance.




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